The Catholic Cemeteries Board has after seven years of research and planning has gained approval from the Independent planning Commission for a multi-faith cemetery at Varroville, an historic property and cultural landscape on the outskirts of Sydney, near Campbelltown.

The property was originally granted c.1810 to Robert Townsend who established a renowned garden there, and in the 1830s was owned for several years by explorer Charles Sturt. The good news is that the site will soon be open to the public to enjoy a restored landscape, with invasive weed species removed and heritage buildings restored and/or conserved. Research was undertaken around the world to find a sympathetic and low-key design that would feature cycleways, walkways and places of contemplation that would utilize the topography and historic features in the design. 

We are very proud to have played a small part in a team committed to this great outcome that gives the community the best of all worlds - an urgently needed facility, open space and parkland and the interpretation of a cultural landscape.

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